You've become a vampire and lost your home. Forced to travel through haunted and warring lands, you learn magic words and make alliances, in hopes of finding solace.

Cast magic in real time by typing out spells, as if you were reciting a poem or prayer. Combine magic words to compose unique and powerful effects.

In a world in turmoil, decide who to trust, betray, or fight. Anyone could be your friend or enemy.

Explore the rich world of ghosts and myths and shape it through your actions. You you can be the key to peace, or set it up for destruction.

It’s currently in production. If you’re interested to see it’s development, you can keep up to date on progress in the blog, where I also go into the game design.

Plus, If you want to test it out, subscribe for updates and I'll mail you the alpha battle simulation. (when I have one >_>)
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